5 Uses For Large Garden Planter

Large garden planters can provide a wealth of functions in your home, garden, or business. By “large”, we’re talking a metre high and possibly a metre across. Yes, that’s a pretty big planter, but imagine the possibilities! Here are 5 suggestions for using large planters in you décor.

Boundary Designation with Large Garden Planters

You’ve probably seen it yourself, at shopping centres or malls. Large planters are used to designate certain areas in the centre, such as the food court. If you listen to people around you, you’ll hear them say, “Meet me at the big tree by XXX store.” These huge planters are plenty for some of the impressive plant displays in public places. But you can apply the same concept to your smaller business or even your home.

Open concept offices and homes often have an echo and a sense of vastness desirable to many. But, in some cases, you may want to rein-in that open concept and simply create more intimate spaces. Imagine a trio of large planters that have Lady Palms swaying in the air conditioning as they delineate the space between your open kitchen and the adjacent den. The leaves will filter the air, break up echoes and filter light, yet still allow a full view of family activities beyond. You can still watch TV as you cook, and enjoy the natural touch of living plants in the house, as well.

Specimen Plantings

Your garden is a thing of beauty, yet it still lacks a focal point. You might consider a water feature, or a raised planter bed. Perhaps a sitting area would be just the right attraction. However, you might also consider large garden planters as a focal point. Landscaping companies are accustomed to installing large planters for private customers. These are planters that you can’t move in when the weather changes. You’ll have them in place until you have the removed. However, what a beautiful addition to your landscape! Plant that coveted black mimosa in a huge planter, and watch it become the striking centerpiece it deserves to be.

Privacy Fencing



Large planters can be an excellent way to build organic privacy fencing. Invasive species, such as bamboo, can quickly take over any garden. However, properly constructed planters will contain the rhizomes that normally penetrate anything but the strongest barriers. With a series of these planters along your property line or around your pool, you can grow a beautiful privacy fence that will bring years of enjoyment.


Use one of the large pots in your garden to hold equipment. This is especially helpful when storing water hoses or pool equipment. An attractive planter looks natural in the garden, and can keep clutter out of sight.



Finally, consider using a large planter with a glass top on it as an outdoor table. Gather chairs around it for evening picnics or morning breakfast. Fill the planter with decorative rocks, shells, or even turn it into a terrarium.

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