About Us

Website Translation 24 got its start when a group of web designers realized that their talents were underused. With two native Japanese speakers, and one native German speaker, the group realized that they could provide not only web design for their clients, but translation services, as well.

They experimented, at first, with just a few websites, providing native language translations in Japanese, German, and French. The traffic on those sites went exponential, and the group knew they were onto something.

Since 2000, they have added native language speakers and contracted with others to provide high quality written, audio, video, and subtitle translations for their clients, growing the websites into truly global enterprises.

When asked about the need for native language translation on the internet, members of the group reply that,

Sure, lots of people speak English, but it is not their first language. There are many idioms and turns of phrase that are misunderstood by non-English speakers. In business, we want our clients to be able to communicate clearly, with no confusion or guessing involved. Even customers who read English fluently find that websites professionally written in their native tongue are easier to navigate, and provide pleasurable interaction. Business is up, and that’s the bottom line.”

For more information about translating your website into other languages, contact Website Translation 24.