Culture Is Just As Important As Language

When you are visiting countries with a very different culture, you better do your research on how to behave because you might find certain cultures have much stricter rules than the west. It’s always a good idea to clue yourself up before you head abroad especially somewhere outside of Europe, you don’t want to offend or alienate your newfound hosts. Of course, it is most likely going to be impossible to learn every single thing, but you have to remember your protecting yourself and should really see a benefit in the long-run.


I recently travelled to the middle east, now depending on where you go this might be an area that you’ll find doing your research helps. Every country is different but you don’t want to be caught out. I recently saw a news article about a lady who was asked by her boyfriend to bring some tramadol tablets that are totally legal in the UK through to Egypt, I believe she was stopped after landing and ended up being put in prison for 3 years, she still sits in a Cairo jail cell at this very moment. Although that is not a cultural mistake and more of a legal one, it’s very easy to slip up. For example, on my journey through the middle east I made an honest mistake of using my left hand or as it’s known over there my “bathroom” hand for things that I shouldn’t such as eating, and also not standing up when somebody enters a room is a sign of disrespect, just watch what other people do and you can try and learn from it. These things, of course, would have made me look bad, but it ended up not being a big deal. By the end of my trip I was actually more worried about garden pots back home than doing anything wrong on my travels, (I think that’s my OCD showing through).


Either way, I had a great time on my travels, understanding the languages is one of the best things when taking a trip like that, not having to struggle at every turn is a big plus on reasons to visit. Of course, there is always the danger side to look at, but as long as you know the safe places to travel, why not. Get yourself onboard on one of our Website Translation 24 apprenticeships and learn the language you’ve always wanted to know!







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