Great Countries To Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddleboarding has become a popular pastime among people of all ages. Stand, kneel, or sit on a paddleboard, and you can enjoy the beauty and solitude of the ocean. Beaches all over the world offer lessons and rent gear, making your holiday simple to accomplish. Even in foreign countries, you will find translation services that make instruction clear. Websites are also translated into many languages so that you can book your holiday with ease.


United States

Usually, you won’t need translation services if you go paddleboarding in the U.S. or even SUP in cornwall in the UK. The opportunities are endless in this country, with coastlines on two oceans, seas, gulfs, and the Great Lakes, not to mention islands. Hawaii is the reported birthplace of paddleboarding, where beach boys would paddle out into the water to take pictures of people during their surf lessons. Now, paddleboarding is a sport in its own right, and it is featured on all of the coasts of Hawaii.

However, Hawaii is not the only ocean destination in the US. California has literally miles and miles of beach, and Redondo Beach not only offers paddleboarding, it offers yoga classes on paddleboards!

What about paddleboarding in Nevada? Now wait, isn’t that state landlocked? Yes, it is, but the Colorado River runs through the Black Canyon, offering an incredible SUP opportunity to explore caves and springs that pepper the shoreline leading up to the majestic Hoover Dam. Down below, you’ll be awed by the towering 600 foot tall cliffs.


For more island paddleboarding, you can try out the Bahamas, The most common destination is Abacos, because of the clear waters and calm surf. The bluegreen ocean is beautiful and gives you a great view of the breathtaking marine animals that populate the waters.


Canada is another one of those countries that offers a wide variety of paddleboarding opportunities. In Whistler, You can paddleboard in the Rocky Mountains! The clear blue likes are pristine and welcoming, inviting you to hike and explore. Take your fishing pole with you, and stock up on mountain trout.

Costa Rica


With a year round temperature of 85 degrees, Costa Rica is heaven on earth for paddleboarders. It has a flat-water harbor where beginners can learn their craft, and surf for those experts ready for more of a challenge. Check out Playa Danta, and you’ll find fun activities and exotic sealife.

Puerto Vallarta

In the country of Mexico, you will find great paddleboarding at Puerto Vallarta. The Pacific ocean has never been so peaceful as it is off the coasts of Puerto Vallarta, and you can perfect your paddleboarding skills in the company of whales, sea turtles, and other exciting marine life.


Ok, so you want a change from those cliché sunny beaches and cabana boys? Try paddleboarding off of the Antarctic Peninsula. Here is a perfect opportunity to navigate icebergs and watch the penguins and seals. Kayaking ad SUP are surprisingly popular around the Antarctic Peninsula, and you can have an amazing experience in the cold weather capital of the world.

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