Great Health Spas Across The World

Health spas all across the world give people an opportunity to heal. People recovering from illness and injury often choose to go on holiday to a health spa. Others want to recommit to a weight or fitness regimen with such a holiday. In other cases, a detox and health farm are just what a person needs to get off on the right foot toward better life habits. For the multicultural experience, you can usually find simple translation on the various websites for these facilities. This makes it possible to know exactly what you are getting into as far as lodging, dining, and fitness facilities.

Backstage Hotel


Located at the base of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, you will find the Backstage Hotel. This facility has a wellness program that is based on dietary examples in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The wellness hotel provides 7 different treatment rooms which they creatively call therapy cubes. Each cube is based on a different day of Creation. These cubes combine the physical sense of touch with creative lighting, as well as manipulating temperature and providing images that will help to relax the body and renew the soul. An example of some of the images used in one of the cubes is projections from the Hubble Telescope. Other spaces in the spa use heat to help with detoxification. You can see more at their website, which offers great translation.

Maya Tulum

The Yucatan Peninsula offers the Maya Tulum health spa. This beautiful accommodation, located on the beach with incredible views of the ocean and pure skies, offers relaxation and healing. You can participate in their famous yoga classes, and learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle once you return to the real world. Classes are available in meditation, weight loss, and food preparation. They offer a massage that lasts for 80 minutes, and is called a neurosedative. You can also receive the highly touted hot-stone therapy.

California Health and Longevity Institute


At the California Health and Longevity Institute, or CHLI, you can learn about life balance while you study nutrition. Enjoy their therapeutic spa, and receive advice on alternative medicine from their medical specialists. You can get help with all kinds of health problems, including dental and skin problems. They offer full physicals and have a radiology department. You can enjoy their state of the art facilities, and learn the difference between reactive and proactive healthcare.

COMO Shambhala Estate

The exotic location of the COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali places you in the beautiful jungle surrounding a sacred spring. There are 6 programs that offer holistic healing, including Ayurveda and Oriental medicine. You can receive acupuncture, Qigong, and receive nutritional therapy, as well as learn to use herbal medications. There is Taksu massage available at the Estate, and a beautiful water garden available for you to enjoy. You can also go hiking, swimming, or even participate in athletic events. The dietitians will cater to your particular dietary needs, too.

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