Hiring A Christmas Tree For The Office

Christmas tree hire can be problematic without proper planning. Most offices like to celebrate the holidays and build Christmas spirit. But, who has time to go to the nursery and select a Christmas tree? Not only do you have to shop for the right tree, you have to transport it to your office, drag it up through the elevator, and then remember to go get a tree stand. After that, you have to go get a tree stand that actually fits the tree. Every eye in the office is on you as you try to et the tree straight, and then you get the stepladder out so you can decorate it.


Don’t forget the most fun part, though. When Christmas is over, you get to reach into the dead branches and sharp needles to remove your ornaments and lights. Actually, it is not much fun. You really need to hire a Christmas tree for your office.

Seasonal Decorators

There are many companies that offer seasonal decorating. They are usually equipped with the ladders and extension poles they need to reach difficult places. You can also check with local nurseries, because they often have staff available for that very reason.

Install and Remove

One of the best reasons for Christmas tree hire is that the service will deliver and remove the tree. You no longer have all of the hassle of finding a tree that fits and putting up with getting tree sap all over your hands and furniture. The service will install either a real or an artificial tree in your office or home. Then, when the season is over, they will come and remove the tree. They will even clean up the mess, if you had a real tree which inevitably dropped its needles.



You may be fully capable of decorating a Christmas tree, but when you hire it done, it is fabulous! In many cases you can hire the ornaments, too, which gives you access to the great selections available at the Christmas tree hiring service. Have the service decorate your tree and the rest of your office. They can string garlands and lights, and add all kinds of picks and decorations to the tree that you would not be able to afford otherwise. Then, they will come and get all of it, and you won’t have to store it! Most services will schedule pickup of your tree by the second week of January.


Scheduling your Christmas tree delivery is perhaps the most important step. If you get in early, you will be sure to have your choice of trees and décor styles and colors. You can also be fore free to select the day and time of delivery.

Most services are prepared for those last minute panicked phone calls for a Christmas tree installation, and are prepared with enough inventory to handle the situations that arise. However, The longer you wait, the less likely it will be that you can choose your day and time.

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