The Importance Of Translation In Business

In the era of global economy, it is often crucial to offer information about your business in several languages. Unfortunately, this can be a problem, if you do not have access to qualified translators. Translators must be fluent in the language in which your website, catalogs, and communications are originally written. But, they must also be fluent in the language into which the materials will be translated. That does not always mean “textbook” translations. Witness the effects of Google translate, and you will understand the problem. Anyone who has tried to read the “English” directions on a product made in China will attest to the problems with translations. The importance of translation in business cannot be underestimated, without damaging your business.

The Age Of Information


In today’s world, power lies in the boardrooms of those who have the most information. Information is analyzed to provide predictions for market trends, and can put your business in the forefront of competition. Manipulation of this information can give you the competitive edge in global marketing – but only if you have reliable translators for that information.

Finding the Right Translator

One of the biggest hurdles to having your business communicated in other languages is finding the right translator. Big corporations often have a translator on staff to deal with communications and negotiations with people in other countries. The government, certainly, employ a lot of translators. But what is a small to medium sized business like a cladding company to do?

Translating services expanded onto the internet many years ago, our services can help you to find the best translation services possible for your situation. You can find qualified translators who will not only translate your content for foreign countries, but can even accommodate for local idioms. Natives of the area to which you are marketing will, of course, be able to make your message more understandable to the residents there, if they are also fluent in English.

Control Exposure

As a business owner, you can select the languages for your market. Your target demographics help to focus your translation efforts, which can make the hiring of translators much more manageable.

You also have control over the amount of materials being translated. Most of your information is outgoing – your business is reaching out to potential customers or to partners in other countries. You have control of the message. There is usually little intelligence gathering at small and medium business level.

With this kind of control, you can seek out translation services that target particular cultural vagaries and smaller, niche markets. A culture-specific market can be approached and obtained with skillful, adept translation services.

Keep It Legal


If nothing else, the legalities of doing business in a foreign country may make it necessary to hire translation services. The formation of the EU has helped to overcome some of the differences in conducting business, creating the same laws in many cases as you travel across Europe. However, having a skilled translator will protect your business.

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