Translation and Your Website

As international business broadens its own horizons, the lists of languages new to the internet expands, as well. While these are not newly discovered languages, they are languages that have very little exposure in the cyber world, and are often underrepresented on websites and other internet content.

Over the years, we have watched globalization benefit many of our customers, but we have also seen it make running their businesses more complicated. We were inspired by Kwintessential who do  translation in London and their other offices around the globe. Kwintessential are industry leaders in translation and  website localisation that take expertise and translation skills that can convert the complexities of business into consumer friendly interactions that benefit both customer and business person.

The translation, to be fully functional, needs to take into consideration the inner workings of each web page so that the content remains in context. All the various components of the site need to work together. The banners, headings, sidebars, tabs, web pages, and ordering information should all point in the same direction. Catalog content also should be considered in translations. The flow of all of this information should be smooth and basically invisible to the customer and the business owner.

Transactions should go smoothly, and ordering information and processes should be understandable and responsive.


Your translator should be easy to communicate with, and capable of rephrasing your content in an understandable way. This proves that the translator is capable of rephrasing, yet again, into the “new” language for the select audience.

As a website and internet content translation company, we are “sitting on go” to take care of your translation needs. We have, on staff and as contractors and the ability to take care of your translation requests quickly and efficiently. The challenges to your business are our challenges, and we take great pleasure in conquering these challenges, making your website accessible in the native languages of various clients. Your global business community will be more vibrant and responsive with the natural functioning of your fully translated websites.

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