Why Is Website 24 Your Solution To Translation?

We hear a lot, these days, about a “global economy”. But what, exactly, is a global economy? If you have an online business that provides goods or services to anybody beyond your immediate locale, you probably are approaching a global business. And, you may find that you need translation services from time to time. This is why Website 24 may be your solution to translation as you do business across the globe.



I have an SEO writing business. This puts me in a position of researching sometimes obscure topics in foreign languages. These topics are often outside the mainstream science journals, and are available only on the internet.

For example, for about 3 years I was responsible for content concerning a scientist who was developing an alternate fuel source. A detailed biography was involved, as well as weekly updates on his work.

Unfortunately, most information written about this man was in Italian, Russian, and Swedish. That is where Website 24 saved the day.

I tried the Google and Yahoo translation programs, and got such garbled sentences that nothing made sense. These were scientific articles that required precise translation and interpretation, and I had no idea what these word-for-word translations meant.

Translation with Website 24


With Website 24, I got clear, accurate translation of the entire content – not just a word-for-word equivalent. This is because they employ native-speaking translators who function at a mastery level of the language to be translated. They do not have to resort to an Italian to English dictionary, because the translators speak both Italian and English. While they may not understand the scientific theory behind the materials being researched any more than I do, they can give accurate translations of the entire content. That leaves the rest to me.



Another problem I have had with the global economy is understanding emails I receive from foreign countries. Many people hire me because I am a native English speaker, and they are converting their website to the global market. However, I am not a translator. This, once again, is where Website 24 saves the day. They provide translation of the emails, which is crucial if I am to understand exactly what the customer wants.

Website 24 also translates the website content for me. The comprehensive, content-based translation makes it much easier for me to convert the pages to English, and make them understandable for an English speaking market.

Cultural Details


I’ve even gotten communication from the translators at Website 24 concerning content I need to change. While certain turns of phrase are acceptable in English, they will sometimes have different meanings for my foreign customers. My ignorance of this dual meaning is covered by the translators at Website 24, saving me a lot of miscommunication and embarrassment. This, once again, is because the translators there are native language speakers who are familiar with the cultural norms and traditions, and are alert to the pitfalls of word-for-word translation.

Website 24 is the best way to go in making your business fit into the global economy.

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